On June 24, the feast in honor of Sun God is performed in the presence of Inka, the Willaq Uma (high priest) of Tarpuntay of Kallparikuy and Wirapirikuq, like the nobles and representatives of the clans, for which uses three historical, breathtaking and natural stages:


1 .- Qoricancha (gold fence): Cusco\'s main temple dedicated to the Sun, where was the garden of gold according to some chroniclers here performed the first ritual of worship to the Apu Inti and Pacha Mama), Here, large offerings were buried in 1972, whose evidence is  found at the Garcilaso Museum. 


2. - Main Square (the old Auqaypata or Guerrero Square): At the time of the Incas, here was made one part of the ceremony.


3. - Saqsayhuaman (Quechua words that means \"Satiate Hawk\"): It is located to one mile from the Inka neighborhood Qollqanpata. It was the Royal House of the Sun and Temple dedicated to Ray, according to Garcilaso, here since 1944 takes place the principal part of the contemporary Inti Raymi with stunning crowd.



·         08:00 Hours: Meeting point Qoricancha

·         09:00 Hours: Qoricancha: start of the dramatization. Duration 45 minutes.

·         10:30 Hours: Auqaypata (Main Square): The Inka and his Royal Court that enters by the street Intikijllu. Duration 1 hour.

·         13:00 Hours: Principal dramatization in the Sacred Plaza of Saqsaywaman: with a 90-minute duration, where is celebrated the rites of the New Fire, Coca, the offerings of the Four Suyos and the prediction of future times, among others.


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