General Information

By this letter is determined the privacy policies of the current \"site\". Chanaqa Travel SRLta ensures total privacy of the information you may provide to the page by using its services. This will mention the following points:


Point to Consider

The information you provide to this site, you are guaranteed privacy by the company.

Information may be provided by the user when using the service of requests for information.

Privacy does not cover privacy practices of other sites and / or companies can be found as links within the site.

The information provided by the user, can be used to send data about the business, publicity and responses to requests for information.

The company may make changes and amendments to the legislation of the current privacy policy, every certain period of time.

It may be that the information is requested in a court, intercepted or stolen by third parties in either case, the company is not responsible for the use of the information disclosed.

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